Sudanese Army Repulses Attack on Fashir

Sudan Events-follow up

Clashes renewed between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces militias in Fashir town, capita of North Darfur state of Western Sudan on Saturday.
A force from the RSF took the lead moving from the Dar Manhal and the Mina Bari areas in an attempt to enter the town and engage with the army. The fighting renewed in the axes of the Naivasha camp where six civilians were injured in the vicinity of the area, amid spread of looting and sabotage carried out by the RSF
And in the northern quarters of the town, people could hear voices of shelling and heavy artillery inside the town
The correspondent of Al Arabia/Al hadith reported engagements taking place in the north areas of the town at the entry to Millet town, then the skirmishes moved to Abu Shook camp for internally displaced persons, resulting in fear among the inhabitants of the camps
According to eyewitness wide movements and repositioning operations are taking place where the army and the armed movements took position at one side and the militia RSF positioned themselves on the other side
It is to be mentioned that the RSF are besieging the town of Fashir, capital of North Darfur state, since two months now, following a declaration by the armed movements their decision to fight alongside the Sudanese Armed Forces.

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