Army confirms stability in Gezira state

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Sudanese army has called on citizens to be vigilant and deny any opportunity for those collaborating with the rebels whom it described as thieves, agents, and paid pens who are active in trying to discourage people and spread rumors on social media that would terrorize citizens into leaving their homes and property as easy prey for the rebels and their accusers who are habitual criminals.
The official spokesperson for the army, Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah, indicated in a briefing on Sunday that the Dagalo clan terrorist militia is attacking villages that harbor no military targets only to plunder civilians’ property, as the terrorist militia targeted the villages of Abu Gouta and the east of Gezira State and attempted to target the city of Madani, which are areas that do not have military targets, which confirms that it is waging this war against the Sudanese citizens.
Brigadier Nabil added that while the Dagalo Clan terrorist militia raises false slogans that include democracy, fighting the 1956 state, and other slogans, this war is being waged against Sudanese civilians in their homes, security, property, and in themselves , killing, intimidating, and plundering private and public property.
In its media briefing, the Sudanese army confirmed the stability of the security situation in Gezira State, calling on citizens not to leave their homes and to ignore rumors and paid pens that call for discouraging people and causing panic among people.
The spokesperson promised that the armed forces, the police, the forces of the General Intelligence Service, the volunteers, and the military personnel would exert their precious and invaluable efforts in performing the sacred national duty to sustain and preserve this stability, supported by the efforts of the loyal people of the country from all files and ranks of the Sudanese people, until the last rebel, traitor, and agent is removed from the scene.

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