Celebrations: Repulsing Aggressors away

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The city of Madani, the capital of Gezira State in central Sudan, witnessed this Sunday afternoon massive popular celebrations to mark the army defeating the Rapid Support militia (RSF) that attempted to incurse into the city.
Earlier yesterday evening, Saturday, Washington sent warnings to the RSF militia not to attack the city crowded with displaced people, while the UN official for humanitarian affairs in Sudan, Clementine Salami, expressed today her concern over the militia’s attack on the area, which she described as the breadbasket of Sudan.
Thousands of citizens in Madani rushed into the streets, carrying flags and peeping car horns to celebrate the victory, while chanting “One people, one army” rose amid official participation from units of the army, security services, and emergency workers.
Since Friday morning, Madani, the capital of Gezira State, has been the scene of clashes, particularly in its eastern suburbs, between the RSF militia and the Sudanese army.

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