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Director Al Tayeb Siddiq: Despite war, we Determine to work


Sudan Events

* Participation of Egypt and Ethiopia in our work to spread peace in the region
* I am in solidarity with women who were affected by the war
Director Al-Tayeb Siddiq has begun filming three new works, as part of his work plan for this year.
Through his works, Al-Tayeb works to connect the past with the present, mixing singing with drama, and joint cooperation between neighboring countries to spread peace in the Nile region.

Interview by Magda Hassan

*You announced new works for the choir during this year that we learned about?
I aim to have three artistic productions for this year, including a song entitled (Forgiveness)( Tasafi), which carries the meanings of peace and peaceful coexistence in eastern Sudan.
A group of artists will participate in it, and it is a result of the work of the choir workshop.

*Do you mean that the work does not concern the choir?
A limited number of choirs appear in it, and they are the ones who created the voice, melody and arrangement by Mahdi, and it is part of the choir’s ongoing workshop project for its annual works.
With the song, we will try to use a new method. Mahira Al-Tayeb will be the artistic director, who will take care of all its details, including costumes and other things, and we will try to introduce some of our artistic symbols into the song from eastern Sudan.
The second work, we will present the song Aza Fi Hawak, in which an Egyptian qanun player and an Ethiopian artist participate, with the participation of Mostafa Bakri.

*What’s new about it?
The idea is to spread peace in the Nile region. Peoples need to coexist and artists need to make breakthroughs like this between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. We need such communication and the artists must start the initiative.

*War happened this year.. Where is the country going through your actions?
It exists.. I have a third work, which I often call (It’s My Voice), in solidarity with women who have been affected by war, especially refugees. It often involves dramatic actresses. It is a lyrical work, but we decided to include drama in it with the participation of actress Amira Ahmed Idris and a group of actresses.

* What is the purpose of entering drama?
Drama helps reflect the image we want to convey, especially since the work embodies the suffering of women, the difficult circumstances they went through, and the challenges and violations they faced.

* The year is coming to an end. Do you have enough time to complete the project?
Yes, despite the scarcity of time, the scarcity of capabilities, and the country’s general circumstances, we are more determined to come out within these works.


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