Former Advisor: FFC Conspires with RSF

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Amjad Farid, former Advisor to Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk, launched a new attack against the FFC coalition, accusing it of colluding with the RSF militia, which has been waging a war against the army since April 15.
Farid believed that Freedom and Change used to attack in the media those who call for stopping the RSF attack on Wad Madani, and trying to justify the militia’s crimes, which confirms its complicity with it.
Farid said in a post on the (X) platform today (Sunday): “There is nothing that reveals the collusion of the FFC media flock with the RSF militia more than the media attack carried out by members of the flock on posts that talk about the call to stop the RSF attack on civilians in Madani, Gezira State”
He added: “The attempt of its leaders to justify the crimes of the RSF by talking about the army’s violations has become a scandalous strategy, in using nonsense to justify the militia’s fascism.”
He continued: “You are complicit in the entire crime, I mean you, and there is no difference between you and those who carry weapons and pursue the Sudanese by displacing, killing, looting and raping.”
On Friday, Farid criticized the attack carried out by the RSF militia on Wad Madani in Gezira state. He said that there was no military justification behind the attack, and pointed that he considered it a continuation of the militia’s brutal campaign of terrorism, murder, rape, looting and destruction

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