Precautionary curfew in yet another state

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Today, Sunday, Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, Governor of White Nile State, issued Emergency Order No. 10 for the year 2023.
The emergency order stipulates a curfew for people and vehicles from eight in the evening until six in the morning, in addition to prohibiting all gatherings, closing shops and cafes at the same time specified in the order, with the exception of health personnel and ambulances. Anyone who violates this order exposes themselves to a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine of one million pounds. In the event of a repeat violation, the penalty will be doubled and the means of transportation will be confiscated.
The states of Gezira, Gadarif, Sinnar and the Nile River have taken similar measures, with the state of the White Nile joining them as the fifth Sudanese state to take this measure.

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