Decree on Controlling Traditional Mining approved

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The Governor of the Shamalia State, Abdeen Awadallah Muhammad, said that the state government is counting on maximizing the state’s revenues from the mining sector to meet the repercussions of the war, represented by spending on insurance, fulfilling workers’ rights, providing basic services to citizens, and achieving the desired development.
He emphasized the role of the Mining Coordination Council in regulating mining activity, developing general policies within the framework of federal legislation and directives, working on environmental safety and public health, preserving archaeological legacies in coordination with the competent authorities, removing intersections and overlaps between the competent agencies and levels of government, disputes between investors, miners and local communities, and setting the necessary controls in accordance with the regulations, the financial system in force to collect significant revenues and local service fees.
He stressed the need to tighten coordination between the state government, the company office, localities and relevant authorities to further control and legalize the product and address all the problems and challenges facing the mining sector, in addition to ensuring the preservation of the state’s rights and shares in mining blocks.
Meanwhile, the State Mining Coordination Council approved the temporary state decree to control and regulate traditional mining in the Northern State

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