Doctors Condemn RSF for Gezira Health System Collapse

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The preliminary committee of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate has condemned, in the strongest possible terms, what the Rapid Support militia (RSF) did in expanding the circle of war to include the Gezira state and its capital, Madani, to which health services were displaced, as were those fleeing the fires of war.
The committee said in a statement today (Monday) that the war reached the city of Rifa’ah and its surroundings today, and mourned the martyr of duty, nurse Nader Hajj Zarrouk, and explained that two doctors and another nurse from Rifa’ah Hospital are missing.
It described the country’s health system as faltering, if not collapsing, and said that Gezira State was a refuge for those seeking medical treatment from all over Sudan, not just the displaced.
It added: “The health situation now is catastrophic and will lead to a dangerous situation that will affect the region and the entire world.”
The committee’s statement called on the international community to play its role and duty towards the Sudanese people, protect civilians against this war, and strive to stop it and stop those who seek power.
It further said that the Sudanese people have the right to enjoy democracy, peace and stable civilian rule.
Violent confrontations broke out between the Sudanese army and the RSF Militia east of Wad Madani following the intruding of groups of the militia last Friday, and the clashes continued for the fourth day successively , leading to a new wave of displacement from the city, which hosts tens of thousands of those who fled as a result of the war in the capital, Khartoum.

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