Eastern Sudan to Side With Army

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The head of Eastern Sudan Parties and Movements Alliance, Sheiba Dhirar, has urged the Sudanese people, with their various societal and political components, to unite and side with the armed forces to defeat the mercenaries and the rebel militia (RSF) targeting the security and unity of the country.
Shaibah said in a press statement today (Monday), that the attack that occurred on Gezira State is a matter of concern to all Sudanese, and they must unite to protect Sudan.
He called on all Sudanese to play a role in protecting their country, their honour and their properties
The attack by the RSF militia on areas in Gezira State and on its capital, Wad Madani, was widely condemned and denounced, with internal and external warnings against attempts to expand the circle of war and move it to safer areas, particularly since Gezira receives thousands of displaced people who fled from Khartoum as a result of the fighting between the army and the RSF that have been ongoing since last April 15.

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