Ibenji: Al Hilal will appear in a different way tomorrow

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The players saw the previous match, and how they missed opportunities. I think we learned the lesson, and it will appear in a different way in tomorrow’s match against Tunisia’s Etoile du Sahel.

Congolese Florent Ibenge, technical director of Al Hilal Sudanese, “We only want to win tomorrow, because that is important for us to advance in this competition. We will go to the stadium to get the full three points.” added in the press conference on Monday.

The technical director of Al Hilal pointed out that in the previous match they played well, but in football, if you do not score, the opponent can score. We lost our focus in the last part of the match, and the opponent succeeded in exploiting the opportunity that was given to him. In football, it is difficult to score. “You score, but it’s easy to defend.”

“The lack of a local league is of course a problem, but we have changed some things in training, and I always ask the players to perform at a high level in training sessions.” Said Florent.

We always work to play preparatory matches, even if they are with small clubs, and in the absence of them, we create internal challenges in the team, and we strive to put the players in a good stage that enables them to appear at their best in official matches.

“I would like to thank all the Tanzanian fans, the supporters of Al-Shabab, Simba and other clubs. I have a good relationship with them. They provide us with great and continuous support. I would like to thank them very much for that, and I hope that they will be on the field tomorrow, because the confrontation will not be easy.” Said Ibenji thanking the Tanzanian audience.

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