Sudan Pledges to remove obstacles facing Russian companies

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Minister of Minerals, Mohamed Bashir Abumu, confirmed that the government’s position on Russian investment is firm, and pledged to solve all the problems facing the work of Russian companies operating in the field of mining.

Abu Namu, Chairman of the Sudanese-Russian Economic Committee (Sudanese side), said when he met with the Russian Ambassador to Sudan, Andrei Chernovol, in his office at the Ministry of Minerals that the government is working hard to facilitate the work and procedures of Russian companies working in various investment fields.

Abonmo explained that there is no alternative to the Sudanese government, and that the institutions are continuing their work and will not stop despite the dire circumstances that Sudan is going through.
For his part, the Russian ambassador announced his country’s solidarity and stand with the Sudanese government towards the crisis that the country is going through. He said that the Russian investment project inside Sudan is continuing and will not stop, and that there are many companies ready to transfer their investments to Sudan, especially recycling and oil production companies.

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