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Zack Snyder Creates: Stars War via Netflix

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Zack Snyder’s new sci-fi film Rebel Moon is very similar to the films in the “Stars Warseries, with a few differences, and that is not surprising at all, as it originally aspired to be a part of “Stars War .

In fact, the film, in all its details, matches the famous George Lucas series, including glowing swords, supernatural creatures, spaceships, and battle scenes in a distant galaxy.
But when Zack Snyder presented his project to the production company Lucasfilm about ten years ago, it was rejected, so the director of “300” and “Watchmen” decided to create his own mythical world.
“When it became clear it wasn’t going to work, my wife and producing partner Deborah said to me, ‘This is the best news you could have gotten,'” Zack Snyder said.

He then embarked on a creation process that was “exhausting and very long” but “very rewarding because it provides the opportunity to deconstruct the familiar science fiction stereotypes that audiences have become accustomed to.”

The result could be the most daring work in Snyder’s artistic career, in which he achieved great popularity and at the same time sparked controversy, and its most prominent stations include a new version of the classic film “Zombies” by George Romero, as well as world-famous superheroes such as Superman in Man of Steel (“Man of Steel”). “) and Batman in Justice League (“Justice League”).

Starting December 22, the Netflix platform will provide the first part of “Rebel Moon,” entitled Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire, a film with a budget of $160 million, with the second part being available next April.

The film deals with the story of the mysterious alien girl Cora (played by French-Algerian Sofia Boutella), whose spaceship crashed at the edge of the universe. Cora defends the villagers who took her in and forms an unlikely duo with a farmer.

Korra raises an army of fighters to protect them, ranging from rebels to an arrogant mercenary.

Although some of the characters may look familiar, the actors stress that they do not belong to any known universe.

Ed Skrein, who plays Admiral Atticus Noble, said, “I don’t think anyone said the words ‘stars’ or ‘war’ during filming… We didn’t talk about that at all.”

Zack Snyder devoted the film to detailed stories for each character, planet, and spaceship.
He also created three languages, three cultures, and three beliefs for the world of the film.

Actor Mikael Hausmann said, “From the beginning, we realized that Zack had a whole world and a universe that he wanted to find and had been working on for decades… It’s Zack’s new world.”

One of the most notable differences between “Rebel Moon” and “Stars War is that the tone of Zack Snyder’s film includes a greater degree of violence and sexual content.
These themes will be more present in another version of the film directed by Snyder and shown next summer.

Netflix announced the release of a video game, comic book, and animated film to accompany “Rebel Moon.”

The director hoped that his world would live for a long time, like “Stars War.

He said, “My dream is to follow the story until the end. This is what motivates me most.”

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