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Poet Haitham Abbas: I Practice Collective Self-flagellation

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

A new song by singer Tamer Khadr, written by poet Haitham Abbas and arranged by maestro Abdullah Qabbani. Its beginning says:
A homeland with dignity and glory
A homeland that sold by its mastersIts
Its goodness and prosperity for the newcomer
Humiliate it and its sons
The poet Haitham said: I have nothing I can say in these situations other than to practice collective self-flagellation.
Perhaps I will release some painful exhalation, which is what is expressed in the new work, for which I did not even give a title.
The important thing is that the poem came out of me with the taste of disappointment and stabbing when it comes from you and in you.
But I come back and say that we are stronger than the setback, and Sudan will be liberated and colonized, and tomorrow will bring goodness and development and growth .

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