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(Enough of war)… a hashtag launched by Sudanese Artists

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

Many stars artists of the society have been blogging in their rejection of the war since its launch on the fifteenth of last April, and many voices from the artistic, dramatic and media community have been calling for stopping this war through social media platforms, most notably the singer Nancy Agag, the great actor Al-Rashid Ahmed Issa, the head of the Dramatics Syndicate, and the stars Jamal Hassan Saeed and Gamal Abdel Rahman.
And Madani Al-Nakhli, Issam Mohamed Nour, Kamal Youssef, Tariq Al-Awad, Ali Al-Zein, Abu Arki Al-Bakhit, Muhammad Jalawak, Louay Babakir Siddiq, the popular singer Aisha Al-Jabal, and others.
These positions came in recognition of the suffering of the Sudanese people and the preservation of their rights, and for their return to the home they left as a displaced person and a refugee.
The initiatives, which remained personal, were joined by another group, as a group of Sudanese community stars yesterday launched the hashtag #Enough_War.
#Voice_from_Sudan, in which they called for an end to the war that continues to this day, which has led to the killing of thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions to some states and neighboring African and Arab countries.
Singer Hoda Ahmed, known as (Hoda Arabi), said that this campaign comes from the standpoint of moral responsibility towards the people who have suffered from the scourge of wars and armed conflicts for many decades, which led to instability, peace and renaissance, ending with the war, which put Sudan at a crossroads and was torn apart. Its social cohesion, which was known in the past for tolerance, rising above differences, and putting the interests of the nation first.
It is worth noting that much criticism has been directed against Sudanese artists for not using their stardom to draw the world’s attention to the Sudan war, or for trying to collect donations that contribute to treatment, shelter, or relief for those affected, and other services that the artist can provide to his community.

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