Sudan: No Exit from Alibaba Website

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Sudanese government refuted reports talking about Sudan’s exit from the Alibaba commercial website (global marketing) on the ground that it has failed to pay the subscription and registration fees. The government said this is not correct.
An official source at the Ministry of Commerce explained in a statement to “Sudan Events” that Sudan did not refuse to pay the annual contributions, but the invoices were blocked and the Alibaba website was prevented from dealing with the Sudanese trade point due to the ban that was imposed on Sudan. He confirmed that the Ministry of Finance was committed to paying the contributions of the point.
He added that Sudan was paying contributions to the trade point on the Alibaba website, during the first three years, and the fees were small, not much more than a thousand dollars. He added, “Invoices used to come to the Federal Ministry of Finance were paid from the budget of the trade point, and it determined its requirements to pay its annual contributions.” He denied the amount required for the fees is 20 thousand dollars, indicating that the amount is only about 3 thousand dollars.

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