Improving Inter-trade among Arab countries

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Development (AAAD) participated in the International Conference on Food Security, organized by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)) in cooperation with the Islamic Organization for Food Security to discuss food security issues in Arab and Islamic countries and to form a network of food security experts in diaspora countries under the auspices of the ALECSO.
The AAAD explained that food security represents one of the most important tasks assigned to the Organization and that it is working to improve food security in its four themes as well as adopting an integrated approach to bring about agricultural development and food security.
It supports both supply and demand sides through systematic interventions along food supply chains in the areas of investment, production and trade through knowledge production and sharing, technology transfer, good agricultural practices, marketing and manufacturing, in addition to its interventions on the food demand side by improving inter-trade among Arab countries and contributing to the development of standards and removing obstacles to customs and non-tariff trade.

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