New Policies on Gold

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Media Secretary of the Gold Division, Atif Ahmed, expected the issuance of new policies related to gold, but he downplayed their importance and effectiveness in light of the current war conditions.
He believed that there would be no effective new policies unless there is political and security stability because it is the first and last theme in the economy. He added, “If political and security stability are not there, no clear policies and decisions will be implemented.”
Atif confirmed in statement to “Sudan Events” that the volume of exports is increasing, pointing out that during the past few days more than 700 kilograms were exported, in addition to about 700 other kilograms that are still under export procedures according to the Sudan Standards & Metrology Organization (SSMO). He attributed this to the ongoing war in the country, noting that the fall of Medani in the hands of the Rapid Support Militia (RSF) caused great confusion in terms of it being the point of communication between all regions.
Atif revealed that the prices of gold ore in today’s trading varied between 61,500 thousand pounds per gram to 62 thousand pounds, while the price of a manufactured gram reached 68 thousand to 70 thousand pounds.
Atif pointed out that miners and gold merchants are optimistic about the director of the Mineral Resources Company, noting that since assuming the position he has tried to stimulate production and exports and did not consider gold as fees-generating item, but rather benefited from gold as an economic resource.

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