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Ahlam Mostaghanemi consoles Sudanese 


Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

The tweet of the Algerian writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi garnered thousands of likes and comments from the Sudanese, as she wrote on her Facebook page a sympathy that made the Sudanese express thanks and appreciation for her feelings towards them: Our hearts are with our Sudanese brothers, we have not forgotten them nor forgotten their tragedy, for we have been distracted from them by the misfortunes and tragedies of our brothers in Palestine, between me and the Sudanese people. Eternal love, O God, protect the beloved Sudan, the people and the land, from all temptation, and turn away from them all evil, and preserve the honor of their daughters from captivity and rape. Our hearts are with Sudan.) The writer’s interventions made it clear that what happened in Sudan is worse than Gaza, especially forced displacement and demographic change.

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