Climate Change and awareness in North Sudan

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The researcher in the field of the environment, supervisor of researchers at the Sudan Center for Opinion Polling and Statistical Studies, Engineer Omar Ibrahim Omar, stressed the importance of expanding knowledge about climate change and the greater contribution of society to environmental sanitation. He said people and planners should make use and benefit from studies and research in improving the environmental reality and climate change.
He noted during the symposium organized (Saturday) by The Sudan Center for Opinion Polling and Statistical Studies at Al-Nahda Club in Al-Nourab, Al-Mattamah Locality, River Nile State, on “Making public results on climate change and how to protect the environment” in cooperation with the Afroparameter Network, that the study includes a number of countries, including Sudan, while Engineer Omar Ibrahim pointed out that the center cooperated with a number of institutions, and supported countries and their decision-makers, with regard to environmental sanitation, climate change, and the need to enlighten societies.
Omar added that their research paper concluded that awareness about climate change is particularly low among less-educated citizens, rural residents, and the poor, and indicated that 54% of the Sudanese have heard about climate change, and the center announced its cooperation with the people of the region in the future.
Most Sudanese familiar with climate change say that greater efforts are needed to confront the threat, on the part of the government, developed countries, business, industry and ordinary citizens, according to the latest climate survey conducted by the Afrobarometer Foundation.
Urgent climate action is overwhelmingly popular among those who have heard about climate change, with nearly half of Sudanese adults saying they are not aware of the phenomenon.
The results confirmed that awareness of climate change is particularly low among less educated citizens, rural residents, the poor, and men. Most Sudanese informed about climate change believe that citizens can help combat it and that the government must act now, even if it is costly.
It has shown in the meantime that small majority of 54% of Sudanese say they have heard about climate change, which is a decrease of 5 percentage points from 59% in 2021

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