Popular resistance.. why?

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By Mohamed Wedaa

The ongoing war in Sudan is existential, the goal of which is to dismantle the state, displace its population and replace them with new arrivals.

Article (4) of the First Additional Protocol of 1977 stipulates the legitimacy of any fighting groups to defend themselves.

– The UAE sees in Sudan nothing but vast arable land, mineral resources (gold and uranium), and seven ports on the Red Sea. This is a foreign occupation that has found its target in some Sudanese people who lack eligibility and national spirit.
– Traitors of your mother land and your associates! if self-defense leads to civil war, so be it

Sudanese political leaders, intellectuals and thinkers consider that the Janjaweed (RSF) were against the Sudanese state is an existential war, and the goal of which is to dismantle the state, displace its population and replace it by new arrivals and changing the demographic and social composition. Therefore, the militia recruited mercenaries from neighboring countries from well-known tribal incubators and extensions, yet, despite attempts to impersonate nationalism by being keen to implicate various groups, raising slogans justifying the war against the state and describing their war as for the sake of regaining democratic transformation. With the fall of this slogan, it started to justify the war as being against the remnants, and sometimes against the state of 1956.

RSF succeeded in obtaining the support of the Freedom and Change Group – the Central Council, and the sympathy of the oppressed among the remnants, and found sympathy from some of the “delusionals” of the culture of the center and the margins. However, it failed to build a homogeneous or allied incubator, equally it failed to change the map of the fighting groups within its ranks, so the predominance remained for its incubators from certain tribes and mercenaries from neighboring countries, as the project, supported by the Emirates and other countries that saw nothing in Sudan but vast arable land, mineral resources (gold and uranium), seven ports on the Red Sea was quickly exposed.

The militia violations and crimes in Khartoum, ethnic cleansing in El Geneina, Zalingei, Kutum and Nyala, displacement of citizens, occupation of their homes, invasion of hospitals, theft and plunder of their property, forced disappearances, rape, destruction of infrastructure, robbing banks and markets, racist and hate speech, this is not a rebellion against the central state or a Sudanese-Sudanese war, this is a foreign occupation that has found what it desires in some of the people of Sudan who lack capacity and national spirit. Some of them involved in treason and collusion, taking the price for a handful of dirhams.

The militia, after failing to seize power at once with the coup of April 15, and after 8 months of fighting, despaired of establishing control over Khartoum, so it set out to overthrow the state by occupying the cities and countryside and displacing the population to establish a “canton” in the widest geographical area possible, taking it as a base for the occupation of all of Sudan. Medani city, the town and villages around it were a lesson for all the people of Sudan who called out to protect themselves, their properties and their honour, under the umbrella of the army and its supervision. This refutes all the lies and tricks of those hired to turn the war into a civil war, and they failed to provide any evidence of the validity of their claims.

This is an aggressive war par excellence. Hundreds of thousands of people from the North, the Nile River, Kassala, the East and the Center defended themselves and took up arms, and in Kordufan and the Blue Nile, including the occupied cities and villages. What’s happening in Darfur, Sinnar, Gadarif, and Damazin is what can be called popular resistance, a plan that included all social, civil and political components, including the honorable members of the rebel militia, and under the supervision of the army to contribute to the defense of their land, their honor and their right to a free and dignified life.

All national laws in all countries of the world stipulated the legitimacy of the right to self-defense. Article (4) of the First Additional Protocol of 1977 permitted the legitimacy of any combat groups to defend themselves with or without legal authorization. It also stipulated that resistance fighters and self-defenders be treated as soldiers in all matters that entail the consequences of war. However, legal protection must be granted to the mobilized and popular resistance by issuing a clear law legitimizing their presence as warriors, by declaring a state of emergency and emphasizing the army’s complete supervision over them. The militia is the one that attacks safe cities and villages and has not arrested any (remnants) so far, nor has it restored the democratic transformation. All atrocities and crimes were committed against the Sudanese people, and thus it became obligatory for them to defend themselves and their homeland. The descriptions of the atrocities and hired hands of the militia’s allies will not be deceived by the transformation of the war into a civil war. The citizens did not take the initiative to attack the rebel militia, but it was they who came to people in their safe areas and it turned their lives into hell. Self-defense is a legitimate right that no political descriptions detract from. O, traitors of your mother land and your associates! if self-defense leads to civil war, so be it.

December 24, 2023

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