Khartoum Governor Pledges to Complete Services

Sudan Events: Nahid Oshi

The Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Osman, made a surprise visit to Omdurman locality headquarters to get a first hand information about arrangements to address the conditions of the citizens of Omdurman who were forced to leave their homes and settle in Karary, and to provide services in order to alleviate their suffering.
The governor listened to reports about the locality’s handling of citizens’ issues and called on the administrative bodies to make additional efforts to provide the best services to the citizens who are present in a high density, to integrate with the bodies working in providing health, water, and electricity services as well as providing bread flour and gas, which have achieved great abundance and remarkable stability over the past months. .
The governor also emphasized the principles of the distribution of subsidies and the necessity of checking the inventory and classification. The governor pledged to complete the food support for the remainder of the first batch and expressed his readiness to provide personnel, equipment and medicine to the health center designated for the citizens of Omdurman to receive their medical treatment.
He directed the completion of the local structure and the holding of periodic meetings of the Omdurman Local Security Committee in the presence of representatives of the armed forces, the police, and the General Intelligence Service.
He also directed the activation of the police and general intelligence services
Al-Hadi Abdul Sayed, Executive Director of Omdurman Locality, confirmed the completion of the administrative structure that enables the locality to manage the affairs of citizens after they have been registered. The first batch of aid has been distributed, taking into account the principles of fair distribution, and the remainder is being registered.

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