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Thousands Pounds in Donations to Delivery Driver


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The fundraising campaign for a Brazilian delivery driver who stopped a knife attack in Dublin has reached nearly £300,000 pounds, amid campaigns praising Caio Benicio (43 years old) as a hero because he ended an assault on three children after he jumped from his bike to hit the attacker on the head with his helmet.

The father-of-two told the Daily Mail that he “acted on instinct” after driving past Parnell Square and seeing what he thought was a “normal fight”, adding that the man fell to the ground and others came to help control him, according to the British newspaper Independent.

Benicio, who moved to Ireland from Rio de Janeiro a year ago, added that he did not have time to be afraid.

Pages were created on the Internet to collect donations in gratitude for his efforts to save three children from the horrific attack, while comments from donors acknowledged the Brazilian driver’s gratitude. One donor said, “The world needs more people like you who naturally do the right thing.”

Another added: “Your bravery stopped a horrific attack on innocent lives. The people of Dublin and Ireland cannot thank you enough for your intervention. I wish you and your family a happy life and all the best for the future.”

Police arrested 34 people after 500 people looted stores, set fire to vehicles and threw stones at riot officers.

A man in his 50s was arrested after police said he stabbed several people, including a 5-year-old girl receiving emergency treatment in hospital for serious injuries. The police did not reveal the nationality of the suspect in the incident that occurred in Parnell Square in the city center, according to police.

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