Al-Qaeda Released Deventer, a South African


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South African paramedic Gerco van Deventer, kidnapped in Libya in 2017 by Al-Qaeda militants, has returned home. He spent over six years in captivity before being released and taken to Algeria for medical care. Gift of the Givers, a humanitarian aid group, played a key role in negotiating his release. Van Deventer is said to be in good health and spirits, reuniting with his family.
Van Deventer had been “sold off” to the Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM) Al-Qaeda group in Mali in 2018, making him the longest-held South African hostage in captivity.
“We, the Van Deventer family, would like to confirm that Gerco has safely returned to South Africa and the immediate family has spent the last few days reconnecting.
“Gerco has been receiving the necessary medical support and is in good health and spirits,” said the family in a statement. They expressed gratitude to the Algerian government in securing his release.

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