Army destroys Israeli missile launcher

Sudan Events/Follow-ups

Yesterday, Monday, the Sudanese army destroyed Israeli rocket artillery that was used by the Rapid Support Forces to launch multiple attacks on government army headquarters.
An excerpted video clip from Sudanese army cameras showed the LAR-160 rocket launcher destroyed and on fire.
The destroyed launcher is one of the products of Israel Military Industries, with a capacity of 160 mm missiles, its maximum range is about 45 km. Each missile weighs 110 kg and its warhead weighs 46 kg.
Its standard missiles are unguided, but they can be equipped with the “Accular” system from the same Zionist company to adjust the trajectory of the missiles and correct their path according to the data of the ground control unit, which corrects the missile’s path using a datalink connected to the missiles wirelessly. One truck of this launcher carries 26 tubes. The launcher was serving in the occupation army and was also exported to Georgia, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile.

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