East Darfur Approves Emergency Budget

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The Council of Ministers of the East Darfur State has approved the draft general emergency budget for the fiscal 2023-2024, at a financial cost estimated at 50 billion pounds, with a growth rate of 10% of the 2023 budget.
The draft general budget for the fiscal 2023 relied on self-revenue securing 54% and it focuses spending on security, health, and water.
The Director-General of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Manpower in East Darfur, Dr. Ahmed Bakkar Jamal Al-Din, indicated that fiscal 2024 budget should be approved in accordance with emergency directives, which represent priorities in terms of basic services, water, health, security, and education, in addition to people’s livelihood. Regarding the development aspect, he indicated focusing the budget work only on the Bahr Al-Arab Crossing Road in an opportunity to open trade windows and points

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