Concerns of Famine in Sudan

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Economic expert, Dr. Wael Fahmy, has pointed out to the Rapid Support Militia activities that involved targeting and destroying infrastructures and impoverishing Sudan, resulting in devastation that impacts the productive states specifically.
He told Sudan Events that the Janjaweed militia target the states that have large and important contributions to Sudan’s national income.
He warned that the militias seek to control the productive states on which the Sudanese economy and the Sudanese people depend for their livelihood. The aggression takes the form of depriving the state of water, medicine, food, communications, and fuel, as happened in Khartoum State, in addition to displacing workers and productive human resources after the looting and destruction of productive institutions. This caused concerns about possible impact of the looting and theft of inputs in the Gezira Scheme by the militias that invaded the Scheme headquarters in the Barakat area, south of Gezira State.
He said that the situation threatens with a major famine in the country if the conflict and war continue. He rang the alarm bell regarding the militia’s steps to accelerate the collapse of the Sudanese economy, which has entered the stage of economic contraction crisis since the time of former PM Hamdouk, which creates a state of social instability, and kept on negatively reflecting in the most dangerous political and security instability through continued deprivation. He said such a situation would ultimately lead to a devastating civil war that will wipe out everything behind it in the Sudan.

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