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Man Tears his Windpipe After Holding in a Sneeze in a Rare World First

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A man has managed to tear a hole in his windpipe when attempting to hold in a sneeze, which experts believe is a world first for this kind of injury.

The incident occurred when the man was driving his car when he was suddenly hit with a bout of hay fever. However, rather than letting the sneeze loose or putting a finger under his nose, he instead pinched his nose and closed his mouth.

The unorthodox method of stopping the sneeze had pretty dire consequences for the man has the strength of the restrained sneeze opened up a small 2 by 2 millimetre hole in his windpipe.

When the man arrived at the hospital both sides of his neck had already swollen causing him severe pain but he could still breathe, swallow and talk without any issues.

After an x-ray, it was discovered that the man had a condition called surgical emphysema, where air can get stuck under the deepest tissue in someone’s body. The air had gotten trapped in the vertebrae in the man’s neck as well as the space in between his chest and lungs.

Although the man only suffered minor injuries, preventing a sneeze in such a manner can have its consequences. So next time you need to sneeze, just use a tissue.

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