Sudan: Crop Prices fall

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Vice President of the Rain-fed Sector Farmers’ Association, Ghariq Kambal, revealed a terrible decline in crop prices in Sudan.
Speaking to Sudan Events from his place of residence in the Abu Jubaiha area of South Kordofan State, Ghariq Kambal said that the price of a quintal of sesame dropped from 65,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds, while the price of a sack of sorghum dropped to 30,000 pounds instead of 40,000 pounds.
He considered it a decrease at a time when he described it as “critical” in that it harms farmers because the crops are still in their supply, particularly sorghum. He attributed the decrease to the negative impact of the conditions the country is experiencing on crop prices, as well as the lack of liquidity in banks or with merchants to be able to buy crops, in addition to many roads and markets were closed in some states due to security tensions.

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