Dead Consciences… and Denial of Truth

News Analysis
Mohammed Wadaa

– On the anniversary of the glorious December Revolution
– Gezira now presents a model of courage and valor in villages and cities in defense of self, land and honor
– The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – the Central Council – lost its grassroots and history, and lost the future
– The Sudanese people will not forget that FFC let them down and chose to stand with their killers and plunderers
– There is a new reality taking shape that can re-establish the Sudanese state, rebuild what the war destroyed, and form a forceful state

Just as the Sudanese political forces failed to develop and invest the mass momentum generated by the glorious December Revolution, and failed to realize that the fall of Bashir’s regime was not the result of the revolutionary movement alone, nor did they understand that the Bashir regime lost its ability to survive as a result of many reasons, and that one of the most important factors of change was the idea of a soft landing, and therefore people are confused and arguing about the reasons for the security committee’s bias towards the Bashir regime and its declaration of bias towards the people’s revolution, and it is the same committee – if not the majority of it – that signed the constitutional document with the forces of the Declaration of FC and shared power with it for more than two years, failed.
The FFC sought to maintain their unity, but the forces established for the Declaration of FC left them early. The Sudanese Baath Party was the first to leave in December 2019, and the Umma Party froze its membership in April 2020 and returned after more than a year. In January 2020, the Professionals Association withdrew from and FFC, the Sudanese Communist Party withdrew in November 2020, and in January 2022 the Civil Forces Rally withdrew. Although some forces returned to FFC after the October 25 coup, they had withdrawn from it in previous times. The unified unionist and unionist mobilization, and to the astonishment of observers, FFC separated the Republican and National Unionist Party from FFC in January 2022, instead of expanding the popular base of the revolution by absorbing revolutionary forces that participated in the revolution into the structures of FFC, the influential parties continued in hijacking the decision and weakening the Central Council, in addition to indulging in the struggle over the distribution of the cake of power and committing violations that amounted to being corrupt practices.
These forces colluded to amend the 2019 Constitutional Document after the signing of the Juba Agreement, and the amendment stipulated that the agreement be considered part of the constitution, and above it, and a new article was created to establish the Council of Partners, despite the fact that the condition of delegating legislative authority to the two councils ends with the establishment of the Legislative Council within three days. For months, the FFC did not work to form this council, ignored the establishment of the Constitutional Court, did not establish the commissions, and ignored the integration of the armies, including the Rapid Support Force (RSF). Under the watchful eye of the FFC, the Rapid Support Force (RSF) swelled and its forces multiplied. From 20,000 to 120,000 in just two years, in addition to possessing quality weapons of tanks, artillery, and drones, it allied and prepared the political stage for the Rapid Support coup on April 15, by declaring the slogan (framework or war), and without the slightest responsibility, it turned a blind eye to violations and the crimes of the RSF Militia, and FFC said that it is neutral and this war is between two parties, and it was unable to announce an explicit and clear condemnation of these crimes and violations that occurred in El Geneina, Nyala, Khartoum, Gezira, etc., and it belittled Sudanese people by raising the slogan – No to war – and talking about forming committees and fronts to stop the war. How will the war be stopped?
These forces were keen to establish the statement that the war is between two parties, and in addition to that, they worked to create malicious and misleading media content, that the meeting of (the two generals) would put an end to the war, but the militia, in order to achieve a false and quick victory, spoiled this plan. Medani and Gezira were an open scene that cannot be doubted, and the innate nature of the militia prevails over its acquired nature. These forces stood by and watched the displacement, plundering, and killing of the citizens of Gezira and the millions who migrated to it. They plundered vehicles, machinery, and markets, and raped women. They robbed and plundered sugar and oil factories and stocks, the World Food Programme, and the Gezira Scheme’s inputs of fertilizers, seeds, and heavy machinery. The rebel militia and its mercenaries from neighboring countries are desecrating the country, plundering, stealing, killing, and raping.
What happened in Medani 9 months after the war left only a few limited options for the Sudanese people: either displacement, or coexistence with the invading militia, or resistance. While leaders in FFC urged citizens to reconcile with the occupation, some of them called on citizens to prefer safety and escaped deprived from anything, but the Sudanese people disappointed them and chose to engage into the resistance. Gezira now presents examples of courage and valor in villages and cities in defense of self, land, and honor. As for the other areas that the militia threatened to invade in the north, east, and center, they did not. It is preparing not only to repel the aggression, but rather to strike the aggressors in their own backyards. This resistance stems from some great historical legacy rich with sacrifice, redemption, and victory for virtuous values. Standing in the face of enemies does not require an alleged instigator, but rather a natural reaction. The Sudanese people engaged in popular resistance voluntarily. They will not be satisfied with anything other than repulsing the aggressor, defeating it, and teaching it a lesson that the whole world will attest to, and the people will not be frightened by the shocks and disappointing statements of slipping into civil war. Whatever is harmful, might be beneficial. The militia has revealed through its crimes and actions that it is war was only led for the sake of plunder, theft, and destroying dignity of citizens,
On the anniversary of the revolution, the FFC – the Central Council – lost its grassroots and history, lost the future, wasted the blood of the martyrs and squandered the slogans of the glorious December Revolution (Freedom, Peace and Justice) – and (The military to the barracks and the Janjaweed to be disbanded), but reaped hatred and no less hate than what happened to the criminal militia, and their tricks and analyzes failed, and they thought that (their people) were without values and without will. The Sudanese people will not forget that they let them down and chose to stand with their killers, plunderers, and rapists of virgins, and they will not forget that their masters and their gifts sponsors in the Emirates provided support in cash and kind recruited mercenaries from neighboring countries to destroy our country, control it, and end its existence. These are dead consciences that deny the fact that they have fallen out of the circle of action and influence. There is a new reality taking shape that can re-establish the Sudanese state and rebuild what was destroyed by war, form a forceful state in which people are equal based on citizenship, and establish a democratic rule guarded by a people resistant to injustice and aggression in whatever form it surges.
December 30, 2023

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