Initiative: Bringing Peace and Economic Reconstruction

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The Businessmen and Businesswomen’s Club launched an initiative to stop the war and bring peace and economic building.
The national businessmen and economists are agreed to adopt an initiative to stop the bleeding war that destroyed the Sudanese economy and impacted the overall development imports in Sudan in all its forms (agricultural – commercial – health sector and pharmacies – building materials sector – foodstuffs – equipment, household utensils and spirits – factories of various specializations – mining with all its derivatives, warehouses of various types, etc.) provided that a committee of businessmen and economists in diaspora countries is formed to follow up how to deal with and come up with effective solutions to stop the war.
The head of the Businessmen Association, Zahir Siddiq, said that the initiative is based on the common principles of the Sudanese people, which are based on tolerance, brotherhood, and participation to advance the interest of the nation.
Pointing out that the war in Sudan is approaching its first year, it was perceived that the choice is either the path of peace and an end to war and destruction, or the country will continue like other countries whose wars have exceeded ten years.
Zahir indicated an end to the killing, plundering, theft and destruction, and to extinguish the fire of hate speech and arrogant language while preserving the unity of the country and the Sudanese social fabric
In addition to upholding the spirit of citizenship based on equality among all citizens, patriotism and rights, as well as expanding participation in ruling and managing the country.
In addition to consolidating decentralized governance, the transitional period should be three years.
The initiative foresees the formation of a sovereign council of (five) members with experience, competence and integrity representing the five regions of Sudan, and the formation of a council of ministers of 18 ministers with experience, competence and independence.

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