Meeting: Secure Livelihood in States

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The meeting, which took place today in Kasala State, was meant to discuss the current security and humanitarian situation in Gadarif, Kassala, Gezira, North Kordofan states and the repercussions of the war on Gezira State in particular.
It was agreed that there is a need to provide urgent assistance to the displaced persons and secure people’s livelihoods, as well as making an urgent intervention in the health sector to treat cancer and kidney cases and provide medical equipment.
The Acting Governor of Gadarif, Mohamed Abdul-Rahman Mahjoub, referred to the existing coordination between the states of Gadarif, Kasala, Sinnar and the Red Sea to secure the movement of passengers and petroleum service stations there. He explained that the meeting stressed the need for the continued supervision of the state security committees to enhance security and stability and to continue mobilization and alert programs and the unity of all states of the country to confront threats and work to defeat the rebel forces.

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