N. State: Resuming Fesikh Fish Exports

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Director General of Fish and Aquatic Life in the Northern State, Ali Awad Ali Medani, confirmed in press statements the resumption of the movement of Fesikh fish exports through the Ashkit crossing in Wadi Halfa, after market orders increased at the end of the year’s holidays. Approximately 40 tons of fesikh fish are now being exported per month. He explained that Lake Nuba in Wadi Halfa enjoys the production of trophy and kwara fish, which are used in the production of fesikh, indicating that catching these fish is important because they are natural predators of the fish stock in Lake Nuba, stressing that the Department of Fish and Aquatic Life in the state provides all facilities and procedures for exports at the Ashkit crossing and works to encourage producers and exporters in the region.

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