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The Book and Kebab: Osman Abu Zaid

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Finally I learned that there are book publishing houses that produce your own copy upon request. You ask for an address, they ask you about the specifications required for the paper, colors, and cover, they send you your order by express mail.
The (Delivery) system means that it is as if you were ordering a kebab sandwich from a restaurant, and it recommends whether you want it as a chicken or a meat kebab! Do you want it hot or cold…
There are great challenges facing the paper book at the present time, it is necessary to keep pace with the development taking place in new media, otherwise the future seems not promising at all. I saw this during my last visit to an Arab capital active in publishing and printing.
I found that most of its bookstores had switched from selling books to selling textbooks and school notebooks.
You may see in some countries something similar to the “awakening of death” for paper books, as some publishers have begun to follow unconventional methods of distribution, promotion, and marketing.
A young Algerian writer (24 years old) was able to sell ten thousand copies of her novel within one hour, and long lines of young readers lined up outside the doors of bookstores waiting to buy a copy of it.
The young author found this great success because she promoted the book through a platform called “Book Talk.”
What caught my attention is the unusual popularity of a particular book among young people, and I always ask the young people I meet about the paper book they are reading? The answer was repeated with the title of a specific book. I learned the secret behind this, which is that a famous football player in a European club was seen in a photograph carrying this book.
While we regret the lack of young people who read paper books, we are refreshed to see so few of them, even if they are very few, in book fairs or among library shelves.
The world is still fine. According to Al Rabita Magazine ,issue number 686.

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