Human Rights Group Warns RSF 


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

An independent human rights group has warned the Rapid Support militia (RSF) against the consequences of continuing to harass civilians in Gezira State, attacking their property, and of committing other crimes.

The Emergency Lawyers Group said in a press statement that it followed, via a number of sources on the ground, what the RSF are doing to inhibit the activities and living conditions of the peoples in the villages and cities of Gezira State.

The Group referred to cases of killing, looting and theft carried out by RSF in Madina Arab and Arbiji and a number of areas, where they killed two citizens in Madina Arab and also in Arbiji.

It added that the RSF carried out massive looting operations that did not spare the villages and cities of the state, and with the repeated robberies, killings and threats, terror spreading among the citizens, ultimately resulting in the closure of the markets.

The statement pointed out that the RSF has taken control of many of the crops, fertilizers, machinery, and livestock of farmers and herders, “which reflects a humanitarian situation on the verge of collapse.”

The statement concluded: “We warn the RSF against harassing citizens, attacking their property, taking their lives, destroying the agricultural and livestock infrastructure, and disrupting the lives of citizens. These crimes will not be forgotten, and their perpetrators will be held accountable.”

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