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Sudan: No hand-shaking with Murderous Politicians 


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This is how Cameron Hudson put it in his post in X platform:

“Watching Sudan’s supposed civilian leaders treat the person who is destroying their country, raping their woman and looting their homes like their brother is truly disgusting and gives me no hope for the country’s future. Self-serving and shameful betrayal of all Sudanese.”

With this strong statement, the former American diplomat has reacted to the meeting held on Monday at the Hall of Sciences in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, between the democratic Forces delegation led by former PM Abdallah Hamdouk and its counterpart of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), chaired by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, Hemaidti

The killer apologizes

The meeting came after the leaders of Uganda, Ethiopia and Djibouti received Hemedti during this tour, in a move that angered the President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, who described it as hostile acts.

In a statement he delivered at a meeting yesterday, Monday, with the head of the Coordination of Democratic Civil Forces, Abdallah Hamdouk, Hemedti apologized for the violations in Al-Gezira State and said that the Rapid Support Command was working to arrest the “unruly elements involved.”

He added, “We reiterate our call to the regional and international community to think optimistically about our conflict and struggle… in view of the new future of Sudan after achieving peace.”


Othman Merghani warns

How did the Sudanese view this meeting? What are the most prominent reactions to it? Journalist and editor-in-chief of the Sudanese Al-Tayyar newspaper, Othman Merghani, said in a telephone interview with the “Ninth” program, broadcast on the Egyptian Channel 1 yesterday, Monday, that the meeting of a delegation from the Coordination of Civilian Democratic Forces in Sudan and the commander of the Rapid Support Forces comes within the framework of discussing ways to stop the war. He explained that there are many things in common between these forces and the Rapid Support.

Othman Merghani stressed that any flexible statements coming out of the meeting are mere slogans and are not appropriate for this meeting because it is a leadership meeting.

Hamdouk’s advisor mocks

As for Amjad Fareed, the former advisor to former Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk, he was critical of this meeting and posted in account in X on the social media platform of the Rapid Support Militia, Hemedti, that “we would appreciate it as Sudanese if this meeting resulted in breaking the Rapid Support siege imposed on Al-Fatehab, Tuti, or Bahri, or ending the open prison it imposes on the citizens of Madani and Al-Gezira, or stopping the ethnic violations and ethnic cleansing being carried out in Darfur or any other areas. Something… anything at all that is actually related to the lives, safety and security of the Sudanese in the midst of the war that the militia started and is still burning them with.

Anything that proves that this meeting is not just a public relations play to consolidate the militia’s political discourse will be appreciated coming from you, he underlined.

Resistance committees on the line

The resistance committees in Sudan also seemed dissatisfied with this meeting, as the Shambat Extension Resistance Committees announced their position on Tuesday and published, saying:

We view a meeting between the murderer and terrorist Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, leader of the Janjaweed militia, with what is known as the Coordination of Democratic Forces (Taqaddum). We saw its delegation shaking hands with those whose hands were stained with the blood of our people, whose pockets were filled with our money, who occupied our homes, raped our women, and committed crimes of ethnic cleansing among our people. They destroyed our homeland and its infrastructure. This category and group does not represent the nation and the people in any way, but rather is an extension of the political elites who are addicted to failure and accustomed to drinking the blood of our people. Shaking hands with killers does not represent us or our people, but rather represents decadence, meanness, and political immorality.

This is how the Sudanese elites reacted to the Hemedti – Hamdouk meeting. Will the meeting yield any results that compensate the Sudanese for their difficult months of suffering??

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