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Al-Nuqara: Self-expression and Identity


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The word “nuqara” is used to refer to the instruments and rhythms that are struck during the celebration. It is very widespread in western Sudan among various Arab and non-Arab tribes, meaning that the “nuqara” dance exists in most of the tribes in the west of the country, but the difference may be in the performance and even the form of the nuqara. It varies from one tribe to another.

Nuqara Occasions:

They are popular dances that are usually held at weddings, for example on official and popular holidays of marriage, circumcision, and victory in war. They express weddings, regardless of their type or method of performance. In order to delve more deeply into the Nuqara among the Misseriya, as Adel Harbi said in his the book” Theatrical Performing Arts in Sudan, intended to address the Misseriya specifically because of its dealings with the Nuqara in a large way. “We find that it is one of the dances practiced by both the Baggara and Misseriya tribes” .

It is a fast dance in which girls participate and is based on rhythm. The rhythmic strokes of the nuqara instrument that accompanies the dance begin. More than one nuqara of varying sizes is usually used at the same time to form complex intersecting rhythms with each other.

The naqara dance draws attention to a content that reflects the nature of life and inherent social values. In these souls tribes, and its content is linked to feast, chivalry, and power.

Nuqara dance among Masalit tribe :

(Dingar) is one of the tribes that live in western Sudan. It is natural for this tribe to have its own cultural heritage, with its dramatic form and different rhythms.

Their tapping has a distinct taste. It is tapped on social occasions such as marriages and holidays, as Harbi mentioned previously.

The place of performance is often in the valley or in a tap on the outskirts of the neighborhood, so that it reduces the inconvenience to the neighborhood people.

The groups of young men are in a circular shape, with the nuqara in the middle, who is the person who hits the nuqara.

We find girls in an inner circle and they are the source of singing and singing, while boys are in the outer circle. Hence, it is clear that dancing and singing are linked to the security and stability of the region, and they express the people of the region and the presence and manifestation of the joys of the country.

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