Hazem Backs to the presidency of Al-Merreikh Sudan

Doha – Sudan Events

Hazem Mustafa expressed approval to return again to the presidency of the Sudanese Al-Merreikh Club after contacts made by a number of Al-Merreikh leaders, led by Mohamed Elias Mahjoub, the former President of Al-Merreikh and the current Shura Chairperson of the club, and Hassan Idris, Deputy chairperson for Financial Affairs and Captain Abu Jarisha .
Hazem agreed to head the remaining period of the current club council, despite his reservations about some legal aspects that could be a loophole through complaints and a new round of conflicts.
According to the sources, Adel Abu Jarisha is expected to back to the position of deputy chairperson for Sports Affairs, replacing Osama Abdel Jalil, who resigned.
The Sudanese Mereikh Council has been suffering from a vacuum at the level of the president’s seat since the resignation of Ayman Abu Jibin at the beginning of last December before the end of his term.

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