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Last Opportunity for Horniman Museum Walrus Until 2026

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The famously-overstuffed walrus on display at the Horniman Museum is being taken off display soon — and you won’t be able to see it again until 2026.
The beloved mascot of the Forest Hill museum sits within the Natural History Gallery, an area which is being closed in early March 2024 for refurbishment works.
The walrus’s popularity is largely due to its skew-whiff appearance; the Victorian taxidermists responsible for stuffing and mounting it on its arrival in the UK had never seen a real-life walrus, and weren’t aware that the wrinkles were normal.
So they stuffed it till the wrinkles disappeared.
The refurb is part of the Nature + Love project, a complete shake-up of the museum which aims to make it more inclusive and accessible, and improve its environmental sustainability. When the Natural History Gallery reopens, the displays will focus on human impact on the planet, and how we can all make changes on a local and personal level to minimise negative effects.

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