Sinnar State Budget, Approved

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The total budget of Sinnar State for the year 2024, approved by the state government’s Council of Ministers today, has amounted to 120,90 billion pound including expenses and revenues, with a deficit of 10 billion pounds.
The governor of Sinnar, in charge, Tawfiq Mohammed Ali, announced the full preparedness and readiness to repulse any aggression against the state. He said that after the incursion on the Gezira state, all states have become targets.
He called on citizens to get ready for self-defense, honor and steadfastness. He added that history will write every position and he commended the effort made by the intelligence service in filling all the gaps through which enemies could intrude.
The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Mahjoub Ahmed Mohamed, said in his review of the 2024 budget items that this year’s budget comes in circumstances extremely complex, which requires developing financial policies and plans to confront the conditions of war and displacement.
He noted that the budget came to confront three challenges: achieving security and stability in the state, providing the minimum level of health, education, and water services, enhancing social care, and alleviating poverty. He said that the budget includes an increase in fees for sugar, water and cooking gas.

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