Sudan Chromium Export Continues

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The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (SMRC) Limited, Mohamed Taher Omer, confirmed that all the difficulties facing the group of two companies, Aamal Advanced Mining, and Hajagia Mining Company, which are affiliated with the Defense Industries Group, have been overcome.
The joint meeting, which included the company’s senior management and a delegation from the Defense Industries Group, discussed the work situation in the concession and small-scale mining companies sector, in the field of chromium and gold metal production, and mechanisms for developing and increasing production.
During the meeting, a delegation from Aamal Advanced Mining and Hajagia Mining Company revealed major efforts to increase production of chromium metal from the Blue Nile region, and gold metal for companies operating in the Red Sea and River Nile states, pointing to the continuation of chromium export operations normally.
The Director General of the SMRC announced the provision of all technical support to the two companies, Aamal Advanced Mining and Hajagia Mining, to develop work in the field of “chromium and gold” in addition to resuming production of iron metal.

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