Sudan Follows the Somali –Ethiopian crisis


Sudan Event – Follow Up

Sudan on Thursday said it is following with attention the recent developments in the relations between the two sister countries of Ethiopia and Somalia

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sudan has stressed the utmost need to uphold current international norms, the UN Charters, the African Union Foundation Principles and the observed international laws, on respecting other countries sovereignty, independence and their internationally recognized borders, considering that these are the pillars of international peace and security

The Ministry pointed out that cooperation between states should be based on those principles and laws including dealing with the legitimate government in place and which is recognized internationally

Sudan has renewed its call for the resolution of the crisis in a way that cements the adherence to these international legal principles, maintaining the unity and sovereignty of Somalia as a member of the UN, the African Union and the Arab league as well as IGAD. It added that the said solution should cement bilateral ties and relations in the Horn of Africa and the continent as a whole

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