Sudanese state bans security-threatening postings

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The Governor of White Nile State, Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, issued Emergency Order No. (1) of 2024 AD to prevent and prohibit any dissemination of information in any of the various media or means of communication within White Nile State in a way that threatens the security and stability of the state.
The order prohibits any person or entity from publishing, transmitting, or copying information or topics by any means of communication or various media in a way that harms or threatens public security, safety, and tranquility in the state.
The order also stipulated prohibiting, publishing, transmitting and sending any information or news related to the regular forces or their movements or the state government and any of its various agencies or units without referring to the competent authorities of the government secretariat or the regular agencies.
The emergency order specified a penalty for violators of the order with five years in prison and a fine of not less than two million pounds. In the event of a repeated violation, the penalty will be doubled, with the confiscation of any means of transportation or other means involved in committing the violation.
The order directed the competent authorities and the regulatory and judicial bodies to put the decision into effect.

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