Central Darfur: Humanitarian Assistance Challenges

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The Central Darfur State has complained about challenges facing delivery of humanitarian assistance destined for the state, citing security challenges.
The Sudanese humanitarian Aid Commissioner Salah Al Mubarak Yusuf, received the secretary general of the Central Darfur government, Hussein Bakhit, who is the Acting Governor of the state and discussed with him the humanitarian situation in the state and the suffering of civilians as the state could not make use of its share in the assistance allocated to it by the Higher Emergency Committee.
The acting governor citied security challenges as the main hurdle inhibiting the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy in the state. He said coordination is underway with all relevant authoriti4s to find save corridors for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy in the state
The commissioner on his part has underlined that he appreciates the challenges facing the state and the conditions that prevail, but he underlined that every possible effort will be exerted to overcome those challenges and to help forward food to the needy in the state
Meanwhile the Central Darfur Commissioner for Humanitarian assistance, Abdul Azia Abdallah said he was satisfied by the decision taken to establish direct link between the federal HAC leadership and the local HAC officials at the state level. He also commended the attention paid by the governor of the state for the humanitarian action in the state of central Darfur.

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