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Al Sarraj: in Belly of the Whale

Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

The actor and musician Dr. Mahmoud Maysara Al-Sarraj invited the audience to watch the last two episodes of the Egyptian series (Belly of the Whale), written and directed by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, in which he participates in a prominent role.
He said that the last two episodes are the most beautiful in the series. Sudanese star “Mahmoud Maysara Al-Sarraj” entered the world of Egyptian drama through several works, where he began filming the series “Mulberry Paper” with director Hossam Ali.
After he completed filming another role in the series “Sixty Minutes” directed by Maryam Ahmadi, which was filmed in Beirut
After the series “King Ahmose” stopped, where he was going to play the role of the king of Nubia!

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