Communist Party Rejects Addis Agreement  


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has strongly criticized the “Addis Ababa Declaration,” signed by the Coordination of Civil Democratic Forces (Taqaddum) with the Rapid Support (RSF) Militia.

In a statement on Saturday, the communist party described the agreement as falling short of the expected and urgently required tasks which is to stop the war and deliver humanitarian assistance to those affected, rather than reach a political agreement with RSF.

The party believed that the agreement consolidates the existence of RSF and partnership with it once again, leads to the division of the country, the taking up of weapons to impose a political agenda, and reproduces the crisis and war.

The SCP stressed that the (Taqaddum) group does not have the right to deviate from the tasks required to stop the war, and enter into the form of government (federal, etc.), and stressed that the form of government “is not decided by the two parties who do not represent the people of Sudan, but rather by the Constitutional Conference, “it argued.

The SCP considered the Declaration a circumvention of the principle of impunity by talking about transitional justice, which leads to impunity for war crimes, the sit-in dispersal massacre, and the rest of the massacres against humanity.

The SCP stressed that the urgent issue, which represents the demand of the masses, was and still is to stop the war, open safe corridors for relief to reach those affected, and secure the return of the displaced to their areas, villages, and homes.

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