Khartoum Water Distributed by Tankers

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Khartoum authorities on Saturday ordered local municipalities officials to use tankers for distributing drinking water to citizens in areas suffering from running water shortage brought by electricity outage coupled with lack of drinking water purifiers.

Ahmed Osman Hamza, the Acting Governor of Khartoum State, has instructed that urgent solutions must be adopted in such cases when a situation of water scarcity crisis due to the power outage in the Karari locality, surges.

He directed the distribution of water using water tankers to a number of neighborhoods and that work be doubled to ensure the return of wells to work. He admitted that this is linked to electricity maintenance. He said these emergency remedies would be adopted until the return of the Al-Manara water station which is now not functioning because it lacks sufficient amount of polymer, the material used for water purification. The governor assured that the concerned authority in the government have purchased sufficient amount but were unable to transport them to Khartoum in due time from Port Sudan.

But the Director of the Al-Manara station has reaffirmed that all measures have been completed for the delivery of the purification material in the coming few days.

The Governor expressed his apologies to all citizens who were affected by the interruption of these necessary services over the past days, stressing that the state, despite limited potentials, seeks to make the utmost efforts to make the required remedies to continue these services.

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