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Archangel Michael, Nubia: Mural from Cathedral in Faras, Sudan


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This Fresco featuring the Archangel Michael from Faras, was exhibited at the National Museum in Khartoum before war broke out.
Will it still be there once the hostilities have ceased ?
Inside the cathedral, the excavators discovered 169 wall paintings executed in tempera on dry plaster.
It is the largest collection of Christian Nubian painting ever found, showing its development from the 8th to the 13th century. As part of the salvage excavations, 120 wall paintings were taken down, 66 of which were transported to the National Museum in Warsaw.
The Faras Gallery there is the only exhibition of objects of Christian Nubian art from the 8th–14th centuries in Europe and unique on an international scale.
The rest of the wall paintings are on display in the National Museum in Khartoum. Both galleries were opened in 1972; in 2014, the Warsaw gallery was reopened in a new configuration.

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