Gadarif: Arming People to Stop Militias

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Governor of Gadarif State, Mohamed Abdel Rahman Mahjoub, has announced arming of all people citizens of Gadarif State to help stave off any attempt of rebel incursions in the region in order to confront the Rapid Support militias.
The governor also called, during an address today, before the great popular outcry of the Al-Faw locality in support of the armed forces as they fight the War of Dignity, on people to get ready their weapons and regulated the unregulated four-wheel drive vehicles to protect the land and honor and fight until the last soldier and mobilized person standing.
The governor has stressed that there would be no negotiations with the rebel militias nor with the parties supporting them, who have failed to even condemn the rebel flagrant violations that occurred against Sudanese citizen, stressing his strong condemnation of all crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum, Medani, Zalingei, and the Darfur region.
The governor sent reassuring messages to the people of Sudan that Gadarif is guarded through the western gate by the inhabitants of Faw, the Armed Forces and the people, and that the Armed forces, alongside the other regular forces and the mobilized persons.

The governor called for the importance of being vigilant against lurking and trembling mercenaries by deploying security cells in all neighborhoods.
Brigadier General Tariq Farouk Mustafa, Commander of Al-Faw’s Eastern Front, saluted the people of Al-Faw for responding quickly to the call of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces for mobilization and alert. He stressed the readiness of the Armed Forces and the people of Al-Faw to defeat the rebellion and protect the land, honor and soul. He said that the people have now taken up arms after being assaulted by the rebel militias
Meanwhile, Muhammad Youssef Omar, head of the Popular Resistance in Faw, confirmed the readiness of the people of Faw to protect the western gate of Gadarif. He also announced their readiness to enter Madani and liberate it from the filth of mercenaries and renegades, anytime they are given instructions to do so. He also confirmed that Faw is free of members of Freedom and Change and announced that Faw budget will be managed through mobilization and mobilization committees.

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