Mr. Hudson, treason has a thousand faces 

As I see it
Adil El-Baz
It was reported last week that Cameron Hudson wrote a comment about a video in which the leader of the Janjaweed mercenaries was accorded a warm welcome by the Taggadum clique in Addis Ababa. “Watching the supposed civilian leaders of Sudan treat the person who is destroying their country, raping their women, and looting their homes like their brother is truly disgusting and does not give me any hope for the future of the country. Self-serving and shameful betrayal of all Sudanese.” Said Hudson.
 Never mind, Hudson, this is not their first betrayal and it will not be their last, as I will explain to you.
I don’t know why I feel a state of nausea whenever I start writing about the Forces of Freedom and Change, to the point that I thought about quitting writing about it, had it not been that at every political juncture it brings us worse than we think about it would bring. The writings of Dr.  Muzamil Abu Al-Qasim, Fawzi Bushra, and Professor Askouri, over the past two days were enough for me as they wrote about the farce, or even the humiliation of the submission of the Forces of Freedom and Change to the Janjaweed after they hasten to meet the leader of the Janjaweed mercenaries, screaming, with their heads looking down, in a semi recumbent posture, no pride coming out of their whole being or hearts.
Let us leave them now and go to offer our condolences to Cameron Hudson, who was in a state of frustration and disgust that he felt as he watched the sight of the submissive individuals presenting themselves as leaders of Sudan. He was astonished!
Mr. Hudson, it’s no surprise. It seems to me that you do not know who these people are, where they came from, why they disdain all the time, and why they were humiliated in the eyes of the people, let them down, and killed them with regrets.  Let me remind you, Mr. Hudson, of the positions and actions of the Janjaweed nocturnal janitors whose hearts are empty.
Their first treason was that they sold the slogans of the “revolution” in the slave market of politics, and they slaughtered justice when they disrupted its apparatus. There is no Supreme Court or Constitutional Court, and they carried out the massacres of the prosecution and fired hundreds of judges. They became the judges, issuing orders live and implementing them against the accused without offering them the right to defend themselves or talk. Those people, Mr. Hudson, committed all types of misdeed against justice.
As for the peace that was imposed on them in Juba, they quickly reneged on it and betrayed it openly when they turned hostile to their comrades in the Juba Agreement until they sent them away altogether and transferred them to a category of their worst enemies.
As for freedoms, hundreds were thrown into prisons without trials. They established their own law of repression (the Empowerment Committee Law) and under its banners they suppressed, killed, and confiscated, and they did all of that in the name of the revolution.  They did not leave any place or value in the body of freedom without violating it.
This is how they ended the revolution and its slogans into nothingness because they betrayed it, and God never guides the plots of traitors in every era, in every revolution, and in every religion. Allow me to remind you of Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ and fell on his face, splitting it, and all his bowels spilled out?  And so did FFC shamelessly. They betrayed the slogans of the revolution and fell, split, and spilled its insides out in the street. The smart journalist Dhiaa Bilal found these slogans thrown in the streets naked, so he did not cover them and left them to history!  In the story, as you know, the leaders of the churches sold the silver they found in the possession of Judas, who had obtained it as a price for his betrayal, and with it they bought a field of pottery known as (the Field of Blood). This is what the Forces of Freedom and Change (Taqaddum) did, as they sold their homeland with the gold of the Janjaweed and bought with it (a river of blood) that is now flowing throughout the length and breadth of the country.  Judas is a recurring story in human history. Iscariot is not the only one who sold his messenger and his religion. Truly, I am amazed, Hudson, at what I heard, that those who call on Allah to destroy the Kizan are the ones now refused to write the name of Allah in their documents. Glory be to Him. Is there another God they call upon with the One God? Or is it the same God that they denied in their papers? Are you not ashamed, neither of God nor of people!
Do not be sad, Hudson. Those people are no less bad than Judas. They also sold the blood of their comrades and received the price in gold and money from their killers, and they were not ashamed of what they did.  Yesterday, we saw some of them with our own eyes in their meeting with the leader of the Janjaweed mercenaries, applauding their killer, striking a deal with the killer of their brothers in the revolution who sacrificed their blood for what they believed in. They sold blood when they allied with their killer for a cheap price and limited chairs. They sold it again when they failed to take revenge for them, those who fought them. The street chanted against them (how shameless, they sold the blood). But to no response, they did not care, so they sold them a third time when they left their bodies in refrigerators to rot and did not even honor them with burial!!
These people, Mr. Hudson, have booked the top level in the ladder of treason, one step at a time, until they have now reached the step of striking an alliance, not only with the killer of their comrades, but betrayal of their homeland extended when they allied with those who plundered their money, occupied their homes, and displaced them. No, this impudent killer who receives their deal while smiling, invaded their homes and raped their mothers and sisters. Imagine, Mr. Hudson, they are now watching his actions in the villages of the State of Gezira. They watch his mercenaries stick their rusty tools into the bowels of the free women of their families and loved ones as they applaud. What is manliness and what is shame?
Yes, Mr. Hudson, it is not surprising that they are actually applauding the murderer and usurper of their people. (They filled the atmosphere with cheers for the life of their murderer. The effect of slander has spread upon them and falsehood has spread over them. Only parrots, their minds are in their ears) With apologies to Ahmed Shawqi.
I did not need to tell you the story of Judas Iscariot, as it is a story from your heritage, but I will tell you a story that I think you have heard of, and it is a story from our Arab heritage.  It was mentioned in the narration of that story that a man named Hadba bin Al-Khashram killed his cousin, Ziadah, during the reign of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan.  So he was brought for retaliation, and the murderer’s family offered a large amount of blood money that would save the murderer from being killed, but the murdered person’s family refused, and the murdered son almost agreed to take the blood money, so his mother said to him (I vowed to Allah that if you do not kill him, I will marry him, and he will have killed your father and married your mother), so he feared that his mother carries out her threat and kills him.
The same people who used to chant, “An eye for an eye! We do not accept blood money,” now accept bribes as a friendly price for betraying their country, killing their families, and raping their free women!  Glory be to Allah, woe to liars.
 Those whom you saw, Mr. Hudson, applauding the killers, they will remain as they are in order to gain power, even if the mercenary leader kills all their fathers and raped their mothers. There is not among them a woman like Umm Hadba. Rather, among them is a false Janjaweed wordsmith called Zainab al-Sadiq, who beautifies the Janjaweed’s actions and their occupation of homes, and she will do so even if they are usurped or married the people of hers. Is this really Al-Haqqani’s daughter?! Fire can give birth to worse than ashes, no wonder.  Strange! I haven’t seen her among the cheerleaders!
By the way, this liar falsely claimed that I said Hemedti died and demanded that I apologize. Did you see the impudence of the cheerleaders? I did not say or write that in any place or time, because I do not concern myself with criminals, alive or dead. He is dead to me and to the Sudanese people, no matter how much you applaud him. But what I am sure of is the death of her conscience and the foolishness of her mind when she turned into the somebody singing the beauties of the Janjaweed, playing melodies, while her father’s house is occupied, and her family is displaced.  Shame on you
Finally, Mr. Hudson, if you have been disappointed in them, they have previously disappointed their comrades, overthrown their dreams, disappointed the entire nation and their homeland, and in the end they turned into mere mercenaries in the Janjaweed circus that is smeared with innocents’ blood!

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