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In post-war Sudan Hossam Abdel Salam: Art spreads Love and Acceptance

Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

Musician student Hussam Abdel Salam called for importance to unify all efforts in post-war Sudan.
He said that he hopes that efforts will be united in all different fields to continue the efforts of the great professors and pioneers of scholars, writers, clerics, businessmen, Sudanese artists and others, so that the Sudanese sound and culture reach the greatest extent.
He went on to say that, due to the cultural diversity, the Sudanese have a lot to offer to the world in all fields without limitation, and added:
The issue is not just cotton, Gum Arabic and gold.
By virtue of our geographical borders with a large number of countries, and the presence of common tribes with them, this made us share many cultural aspects, so I am quite sure that most African musical styles exist in Sudan.
Abdel Salam, neighboring Ethiopia, described it as one of the countries with which we had the greatest cultural exchange:
They sing our songs with great love even without knowing the language, and there is no doubt that art spreads love and acceptance among people and nations.

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